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Wedding Homecoming Dinner: 1/24/16!

While this isn't the final version of the invitation, it's a great reminder of the concept of! Don't forget that this event is for our brides and grooms who have ALREADY been married at the chapel... Can't wait, and it's probably the most exclusive sorority/fraternity around! :)

Special visit from the webmaster today with our NEW brochures. We're even working on another design concept, but his freshening up of the current brochure looks really great and is such a handy thing to have around when folks come to visit. We should also be spending some time today setting up for another event on saturday with a special it'll be a labor of love, as always!

Isn't it wonderful to have a loving God who allows us to ask tough questions. the answers aren't always loud and flashy, but they are consistent and gentle. Thank you, Boss, for everything we have, everything we are, and all you do for us every day! Blessings to all of our Caliberoak fans, and have a wonderful fall week!

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