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A classic look from a very special day...

Added to the list of Caliber Oak brides who are also going to be mommies (wow...the list is pun intended!)is Dakota! We're so excited for she and Zach both...and thrilled that, while living in England,they intend to be in Texas before the birth. This photograph is from their wonderful wedding day, where they had antique churchpews brought in from Tyler's and had such an English feel for their wedding. We're so excited for their new arrival, and so thankful that they found each other, and became one here at the chapel.

Last night's wedding of Katie & Mitch was so very much fun! Halloween themed party, but they chose yours truly to unite them in marriage at the ceremony. All was smooth as silk, but speaking of silk, Katie had wanted me to wear a pumpkin colored tie, and I completely at least I had on a goulish purple! The only hitch in the whole ceremony was when all the bridal party got to the front, and Mitch turned to me and said..."I forgot the ring in the groom's room, Cap!" Classic hilarity ensued as Frank made a mad dash down the aisle and brought the ring back to save the day before the bride made her entrance! All is well that ends well, and we hope for many years of happiness for these two.

A very special is heading to the chapel in just a few short minutes to book her wedding with us. J&D certainly sound like our kind of folks, and our newest bride new it was the right place almost immediately! We don't know what's more fun....sitting down to plan the wedding, or actually being here that day!?!?! Both are exciting and wonderful. Congrats, J&D on your engagement!

Quiet stillness and prayer. All of us probably don't get enough of it, but when we do, it's a balm. Hope everyone has a prayerful and spiritual Sunday of love and fun!

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