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Colt is such a special Caliber Oak Baby!

Not everything that happens around here is 'white lace and promises'! Sometimes it's wonderful babies who become blessings after the excitement of the wedding is over. We were honored to be invited to Kelly & Sammy's home last evening for home made pizza (WOW...that was good!) It was also a great chance to catch up with Colt, now that he's past his 3 month mark and growing like crazy. Kelly says he eats all the time, but that must just be a guy thing... :) We are so blessed to be able to stay connected to our Caliber Oak brides and grooms as life moves forward...and truly honored that they keep us in their lives! Blessings to K, S & C as they move through this wonderful life together!

Just about nothing happening at the chapel again today...BUT there's a strong chance of rain over the NEXT 5 days, so we're praying that it's all going to come nice and easily and really soak the place up. We need it so badly. Finally have decided on the terrace design, and now I just need to get to the store to get the edging. We're hoping the rain greens things up for our next special wedding.

Prayers have been answered, and we're thankful. Our two dear friends who had surgery this week are both doing well, and things look good. Praise God for his mercy and grace. Have a far-out wednesday, y'all!

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