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Happiness and Love on Display!

Congratulations to CaliberOak's newest couple!!! Jodi & Jordan are getting MARRIED, and it's happening HERE! We were so excited to meet them yesterday, after HE called to set up an appointment. Fell in love with them both as they fell in love with the chapel. Said our 'goodbyes' and Miss Boss and I went to go bowling in Georgetown. (she was excellent as usual...I stunk. nothing new there.....keep reading!) We received a text while we were at Mel's and Jodi said the Chapel was a GO! They were back by early evening, and we're all set for their big day. China selected, glassware chosen, linens, flatware, every.thing is on track for a very special day! Congratulations to a delightful couple! And as Tami asked me at Brookshire Brothers #69 this morning.... "How do you go from being a cop to making wedding dreams happen for couples?" .....pure Grace, my dear. Pure Grace! :)

And in other news, we're excited to meet D&K in just a few short minutes to see if the chapel is just right for THEIR big day. Don't you just love the love in the air!?!?! The little British car is cleaned up for an event this weekend, and the chapel is relatively 'still' for this wedding...always happy about it, always ready for the next one! Won't be long before M&T roll in for their 'five star wedding wonderfullnesssss' pretty darned soon!

Moments. Prayer moments. Stolen out of the day....woven INTO the day. Going to that special place....praying for that special someone. We have a dear friend facing a large challenge on Monday......can you pray for him with us? Thanks! Have a crazywonderful day and a far-OUT weekend! Blessings on all yourselves!

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