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Congratulations, Margarita & David!

What a magical wedding this was this weekend! Such a very special bride and groom, and the guests were so very wonderful. Good music, food and fun....and the happiness of the bride and groom makes all the effort worthwhile. Special thanks to 2 of our brides who were here to help! How about that?!? We're always so blessed.

Getting back to normal after a great holiday weekend. We got Margarita and David married off, and Talie came to visit....Carl came for an antique car update, and it was just a great weekend all around. Linens are already done from the wedding, and we don't have an event this weekend (secret wooohooo!). Did find out this morning that Greg & Griselda are officially parents! Congrats to them on their brand new little girl, PPS!

Isn't it great to find a new, special place for prayer? Sometimes those places are what we imagine in our heads, and from that beautiful spot, our prayers soar even higher. Thank you, God, for each and every blessing you bestow on us each day! Have a great rest of the week, people!

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