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Isn't that the sweetest thing, ever?

It's always so fun when we get to see other folk's visions come forward at the chapel. We would have never thought of such a creative and decorative guest gift like native honey! Tristan and Shawn had all these special little bottles of honey for their wedding guests waiting on the piecrust table in the entry hall for departure. (fortunately, the departure was actually sparklers or things could have gotten a little sticky...yuck, yuck!) It was a neat, kind of vintage touch that added color to their big day. Way to go, creative bride!

Beautiful weather out there today, and we're hoping to get the chapel all sparkly for a visit with a wedding vendor group tonight. After that, preparations continue for A&N's big day... Trimming in the parking lot is happening this morning so that things look neater, and maybe we can get some solar lights on the tree trunks soon. Laundry day today, with linens being washed from last weekend...came up with a new trick for soaking the ivory linens that really has saved us some major turnaround time!

Every morning is a blessing. It's so fun to leave it all to Him to show us how it's all going to work out. It always does. Sometimes, it's just exactly as we thought it would, and sometimes it's a VERY different ride until sunset... Either way, He's with us every second of it, and guiding us along. Isn't that nice? Blessings to all for a productive and joyful day!

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