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THIS is the look of love! Breathtaking!

This photo of Mary says it all about how she feels towards her Landon... Sucha a special girl, and so very happy about the whole wedding thing! What a treat and an honor it was to have their wedding at our blessed chapel. Many, many years of happiness for these two!

Steaming chaircovers today.........sound familiar?!!?! :) I did get 1/2 done yesterday, and to keep from going crazy, saved the other half of the room for today! After that, one silver beverage server out for the guests, and the vows get placed in the official officiant's book. Thrilled to be having this wedding this weekend and so looking forward to the reverence AND the fun! Even may have a special guest at the pistol range tonight, and I think Mr. Insurance is coming by for a check, too! I'm never bored!

Turned it over to Him during a phone conversation this morning. I love saying a prayer of release and relinquishment as the phone is ringing on a business helps me to remember that He's in charge and has the results already figured out. What a happy life it provides! Blessings to all for a terrific Thursday!

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