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Loving this very cool birthday gift!

The chapel is the perfect place for a painting of a chapel, right? We thought so, and love the birthday gift provided to me by the Ruiz family that's already hanging up. Pretty good for me...and it only took me 30 minutes to find the finishing nails. Such a beautiful artwork and love the hymn. Thanks, Team Ruiz!

Linen washing is rolling along and I came up with a creative new soaking location solution, so I'm actually able to get it all done by Saturday! Had a great visit this morning with Margarita and David, and am so looking forward to their big day....they're even letting me wear my 'old west lawman' clothes for the event! Woohoo! The fun, food, bride, groom and frivolity at this wedding is going to be tremendous! Very much looking forward to having special help getting things set up tomorrow for an upcoming event. The load is always so much easier when you get by with a little help from your friends....

I was reminded again today how blessed each of us are to enjoy this moment in our lives. Some folks face truly difficult and very hard choices that we would wish on no one. Thank you, God, for providing folks the Grace they need to make it through the day, and fully appreciate each of the days they have left. Get out there and BLESS somebody with your gifts and talents today... It's FUN!

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