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This spells wedding success!

Loved this display at Caitlyn & Corey's wedding. Scrabble words that were specifically created by Michelle & Justin just for them. The added bling and 'bling heart' really looked neat on the 1950's typewriter stand. The fact that it was near the sunny double front doors made the bling really sparkle. Well done, and congratulations, again C&C!

Fun visit with Amy & Rory yesterday, and things are falling WAY into place for their big day. We got to visit with C&B the night before, so it's been a wonderful week of bride and groom visits. A special dinner tonight with G&G and a high today around 90 degrees sounds like the perfect day to me!

Every moment is His. Our appreciation and acceptance of either good news or bad news is part of his plan... Thank you, God for every moment you've given us and each moment to follow! Get out there and GRAB you some Thursday blessings! Peace Out!

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