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At least we had a good excuse for not blogging this week!

North to Alaska for us last week! Beautiful cruise on Celebrity's Infinity. Didn't really have time to blog, but the trip was GREAT! I loved the cool weather and we both loved the wonderful scenery. Food was great, and of course as with every vacation we go on, we got involved in ANOTHER wedding! The bride and groom sailed on the cruise and were married in a little chapel like ours in Juneau. They spent that evening having their exciting reception in the Constellation Lounge! Totally fun, and we love the fact that everywhere we go, somebody's getting married!

Starting the setup for this weekend's exciting event, and can't wait for the creativity that we have planned. Lovely bride and groom and we're going to have lots of fun!

So many blessings every day....but when something BIG happens that could have been a genuine disaster....that's when you know He's really looking out for all of us! Thank you God for all of our safety on this trip!

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