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Just love this photo...

cad windshield.jpg

Well, Hope and I freaked out a little about the weather predictions for this weekend's wedding, and both decided that we'll just put it in God's hands, like everything else...He's got this! Looking forward to doing some setup today and getting the ball rolling for a wonderful wedding celebration! We had to laugh...yesterday it was supposed to be 95 and sunny for the wedding and today it's looking like 60% rain! huh? Well, again, it'll be interesting to see what the Good Lord provides!

Had a tremendous visit with Mr. & Mrs. Leal yesterday afternoon to revisit their tremendous wedding and honeymoon. Enough wine in the heat that Cap had to go lay down after they left! He just can't hang like he used to! :) It was so great to see them both, and we're so excited about the next stage of life's adventure for them.

Enjoying my coffee this morning, and saying my prayers. Blessings to everyone out there, and special prayers of comfort and uplift to those who need it most!

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