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Flashback pic of Missy & Jeremy

What an excellent photo of two of our favorite folks. It was so much fun having Jeremy, June Lili, Greg and Carl here this last Friday. We are also thrilled that JLA loves her new vanity! Such a blessing to have this family in our lives....

Preparations are underway as we speak for the big wedding day here this weekend. Trimmed yard, setting up tables, steaming linens. We are so looking forward to the wedding, and are still praying that the rain doesn't force us indoors for the ceremony. If it does, we'll just make the sun shine inside!

Great visit from Talie last night, and very sweet of her to add to the vintage collection at the chapel! Such a surprise to have her come out, and we truly enjoyed it! She always gets more 'advice' than she bargains for, but's free! :)

Have an outstanding day, and hot coffee and french pastry blessings to all!

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