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Picture Perfect!

Congratulations, Kyrstin & Trevor on your marriage at the chapel! You two were a dream to work with and we so enjoyed the exciting bridal party! Loved the dress and Trevor's tails (I'm so getting a new tails jacket!) A wonderful couple on a wonderful day....

Yesterday was just clean up day, and we had a fun visit from M&K&Co., and also had a delightful little wine & cheese here yesterday afternoon to break in some really neat amber Tiffin glasses we grabbed in Canton. Fun weekend, which pretty much ended with me staining wood outside at bedtime! Project in the works..........

It was so fun to see TLK on saturday when she delivered the cake. Just a doll and always a ray of sunshine. Speaking of sunshine.....we HAVE some! Apparently our rain is gone for a while, and the 'skies are not cloudy all day'....

Looking forward to meeting with a special bride to go over details today, and getting lots done.... we'll see!

Blessings to each and all this day. We hope you're seeing some wonderful things unfold for you on an hourly basis! Happy Monday!

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