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This photo is retro-excellent!

j and c bw.jpg

Ever see one of those photos and think....I wonder what year that was taken? I am absolutely amazed at this particular shot, since there's almost nothing that wouldn't put it in the early 1970's. The car is just right, and I'm not seeing anyting that completly brings it up to 2015!!! Very neat. Congrats, again, to our wonderful Jamie & Cameron!

Cloudy at the chapel today, but the grass is getting trimmed up and everything prepped for the big weekend! Fortunately, the Eldorado is getting tuned up in the shop with some carb work, so she'll be ready to go as well... (kind of like this shot!)

Coffee is making the morning great, and we've got 3 sleepy pups at the main house today. Hoping to get lots done before the day is out! Blessings to everyone for a special day filled with positive things...

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