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Retro is Always Good!

This is such a super picture from Jamie and Cameron's wedding. Love the old phone and typewriter in the entry hall, and these small elements really 'make' the vintage theme and fit so well at the chapel. A truly beautiful wedding all the way around.

All is beautimous at the Chapel, and apparently, we're supposed to get some serious rain in the next 8-10 days! Woohoo! That's what makes the flowers grow and keeps things alive. Guess I'll have to get the tops up on the cars today.

Had an excellent dinner with Tyler Fletcher last night and my enchiladas didn't turn out too badly. So nice to get to catch up with him.

Tonight, we get to do the final vows for a very special couple who are tying the knot here in September. Looking forward to seeing them, and also toward having one more thing checked off their preparations list.

Limousine insurance renewal day today, so we'll be poor for a little bit, but it's worth it! :) That limousine has been such a joy and still looks amazing after 5 years with us! Hard to believe we've had it that long.

Our prayers go out to Bobby Schiller, who's getting over a bit of an illness... We hope everyone is having an excellent day, and that each and everyone is blessed richly today!


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