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Our roses have never looked lovelier!

A tremendous collision of nice amounts of rain and two different fertilizers have really brought the roses out this year! We were even able to use quite a few for the MCT Jazz Brunch yesterday. The event went so very well, and the music was excellent, as always! Many thanks to everyone that came to show support for this great group.

Tidied up the chapel this morning while John tuned our beautiful piano. Getting ready for a very cool visit this evening, as well.

Had the chance to work with Samara & Steven this weekend on their upcoming wedding day, and also got to visit with Kathie to finalize the plans for K&A's big day. Busy, busy, but it's such a blessing!

Looking forward to finding out how much the fundraiser made yesterday, and many thanks to Colleen & Randy, who treated a bunch of us to dinner at The Shed when the dust had settled. An amazing amount of work went into this fundraiser, but it's all worth it when the jazz musicians are playing and there are smiles all around!

Blessings to everyone today for a great monday!


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