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No wedding but plenty of glam!

"Black Tie Night", as it has been affectionately known for almost 30 years around here happened again this Saturday night, since we didn't have a wedding... Denise looked incredible as always, and we had a blessedly rainy journey. Such an excellent tradition!

All is wonderful at the chapel as well. Gearing up for the big MCT brunch this weekend, and at least it doesn't look like it will freeze that day (as it did last year!) This group knows how to fundraise and are such a dedicated team! So looking forward to it, and tickets are still available if you'd like to come. Just give me a shout at 254.718.0680 and we'll get you on the list!

BUT, don't call me right away, since I'm headed to the AT&T store to see what the problem is with my phone that won't charge. Bummer.

Did some gardening around the place yesterday during one of the most beautiful days of the year so far. Lots more to do, so I'd better get off the blog and on the road! Blessings to everyone for a tremendous week of unexpected gifts from God!

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