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Margarita & David. The look of love, baby!

These two are cute. Period. Cute, I tell ya. We love them both already and there's some special 'thing with the thing' about this bride. Can't wait for the big day! Congratulations to you both...we are honored and proud that your wedding is happening here!

All is wonderful otherwise on this end and we're rolling along. No event this weekend (not complaining) since we're still basking in the glow of the last two excellent weddings we enjoyed so much. Still need to get some bedding plants in the ground, but I guess that'll just happen when it does!

I'm hearing thunder in the distance, so I guess the beautiful roses outside the chapel are going to get a drink. EXcellent! They're more beautiful than we can remember, and even the blooms in the Celebration Garden look excellent. A little fertilizer, water and God's sunshine....worky!!

Limo's getting a little workout this weekend, and just came back from the spa! So looking forward to the fun that will happen in that 28 feet of Lincoln in the next few days.

Blessings to everyone, and thanks to the inquiry folks who are interested in the chapel! C'mon down... you will love it!


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