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Beautiful Photo of Jamie by Stacey

It's all here. The beautiful bride, antique chapel effect, light breeze, freaky-cool lighting! What a shot. Stacey Splawn of Magnolia Studio captured Jamie in this amazing pic during her bridal session. Just lovely and had to share.

Getting ready for this weekend's wedding, and studying the weather forecast closely. No matter what the weather, we'll have a great day, and a fun Saturday, and an excellent Easter Sunday!

Planning to get some of the weeds out of the planters by the road funny to see weeds growing in a pot with a metal cactus! Art upon art!

Apparently Bucados catering is doing our event this weekend, so I know we won't go hungry! so looking forward to the weekend and the fun that will surround this wedding and the festivities of Easter. Blessings to all for a Good Friday!

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