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Heather and Justin Tie The Knot...AGAIN!

The chapel was graced yesterday afternoon with two of our favorites, Heather and Justin, in what we could only describe as an 'ambush renewal'! Justin set it all up months ago... Cap drove the limousine to their residence where Heather only knew she was getting steak for supper out to dinner. Cap managed to get lost, which required a phone call, and raised Heather's suspicions (apparently she was already figuring this part out before the phone call!) about the limousine. Well, at least she didn't know where she was going! Justin told her Cap forgot his wallet and we'd have to swing by the chapel (Cap is coming off pretty dense in this story, I'm' realizing!) on the way to dinner. When we arrived at the chapel, Miss Denise was waiting with a warmed-up flute, a specially designed bridal bouquet, and Cap asked Heather if she'd marry the big lug all over again. She said yes, so we proceeded with the ceremony... It was such a thrill to make this happen for such a special couple!

Five years is a long time, and we're proud of them. They enjoyed a great supper at Wildfire in Georgetown and have a happy memory to boot!

All else at the chapel is wondermous as well. Sunny, warm weather and blue skies. Possibility for rain next Sunday for our Easter dinner for 36, so we may be in the chapel, rather than on the main house porch! No matter for Ann & Drew's wedding this weekend, however, as the weather is supposed to be PICTURE perfect for their big day. It's just the Easter Bunny who may get a little damp, but we don't even mind about that.

Blessings to all for a tremendous Palm Sunday, and congratulations, again, to our wonderful Heather and Justin!

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