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Super Duper Weather Day!

Wow, 83 degrees and sunny! Couldn't be better for a very special activity we've got planned for today. Had a wonderful visit from Angie and James to finalize their wonderful wedding plans....they're such a delight, and we so look forward to making their day special. They've been incredibly great to work with and we know all will be so very special for their celebration.

Started the day off this morning with Zumba in public (ZIP)! Melissa had asked if several of us from class would participate in a fun promotion in front of Angelic Herbs on Main Street and several of us showed up! Never have done an excercise routine on Main Street it was a first. The Eldorado was in attendance, so between people dancing and jumping around and the cool car, we got lots of looks! Today is also the day for the Smokin' Spokes bicycle rally, so we've had a lot of two-wheelers roaming around Caliber Oak and downtown.

Unfortunately, we had sad news this morning as well. A dear friend to the chapel, Jack Cooper, has passed away, and we will miss him. Always one with a quick smile and a great wit, Jack spent many hours enjoying adult beverages, coffee and tea at Caliber Oak, and sent lots and lots and lots of ammo down range on many of our "Pistols and Coffee" mornings for several years. He will be honored next week with a celebration of life, and I have been asked to sing The Lord's Prayer at the service. I am honored and know Jack is in heaven with the "Rangemaster" in the sky, giving pointers. God bless you, Jack.

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