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Smiles are Free, People! :) = $0.00!

Another delightful day at the chapel started WAY early this morning. Just couldn't go back to sleep at 4:58 a.m., so He must have some big plans for today! Added some knockout pictures by Stacey Splawn of The Magnolia Stuido from Jamie and Cameron's wedding to the website carousel, and they're so fun. I'm not sure if this one made it (Jamie dancing with her dad) so I'll put it in this blog to be sure!

The background reactions to this shot are as fun as the shot itself! What a blessing it has been to have Jamie and Cameron around here, and we look forward to seeing them again, soon.

Katlyn got her bridal photos all worked out yesterday, and we are thankful that we could help make that happen.

Our next chapel wedding is inching closer, and we're so looking forward to it! Too many blessings to count around here!

Still need to get our neat, new rose bush planted at the new entry gate, but at least it got rained on a little in its container this morning so it should survive until planting day! It'll look neat behind the wrought iron of one of the antique panels, and hopefully will do very well there.

Thought the 'Bride Mobile' was going to have to make a run to Temple today, since the MG was acting up yesterday afternoon during Katyln's bridals. Fortunately, she started right up after supper, and will HOPEfully make it to Temple and back today....If you see a handsome older gentleman sitting on the side of the road in a 37-year old green MG stop and help, won't you? heheheh! Blessings to all!

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