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Wedding Homecoming Dinner Cake

I know I've put this picture out on FB this year, but wanted to be sure it got its own blog entry, since it's so cool!

WHD cake.jpg

For those that don't know..... When we invite our brides and grooms to come back for our hosted dinner each winter, we have a wonderful cake from Simply Sweet Bakery to celebrate! Well, we put a bride and groom 'topper' for each couple present on the cake...and this is the crazy result. It's a fun tradition for us, and we think it looks kinda wild!

A great day at the chapel today, although I think I've been down there a total of 5 minutes! Running errands, meeting with the electrician, etc. etc. etc. The freshly stenciled steps look great and we're already looking forward to next week's setup for A&D's excellent wedding. Rosebushes are leafing out nicely, and there's even a new rose ready for planting tomorrow for the entry gate! Should be fun, and hopefully, it'll do well. That's about all from this end today, as lots of things to do! Hope everyone is having an excellent monday, and enjoying countless blessings of daily life.

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