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Wait a ding-danged hot minute, here! This is a Caliber Oak groom and bride, but from TWO weddings?!

These two aren't a matched set. They were enjoying the day on the boat, but our bride, here is Jolene, and our groom is Shawn! Unfortunately, John couldn't be there this day, and Alice is aboard, so it's all ABOVE board, but, it's so funny to see a bride and groom from two different families in a photo together! John was beverage dude for Alice and Shawn's wedding, so Jolene finally got to meet them. That's what I love about wedding homecoming.......everyone gets to meet everyone!

Today's excitement comes in the form of Maci and Mason coming to go over their vows for their big day. They VERY wisely picked El Capitan to be the officiant for the ceremony, and after today, we'll have so much worked out for the ceremony and reception. This team has been a dream to work with, and I cannot wait to start beeswaxing my moustache so that I can look as cool as Mason on their big day. Evil Catfish, indeed!

Elena is making things all pretty at the chapel now, and Mrs. Boss is down there too. We're just trying to keep flowers, shrubs and trees alive in this heat, which is a pretty tall order.

Well, I need to run and do a chore list and print off my standard "Rich and Famous" vows for meeting review today. Blessings to all of our brides and grooms..........we pray for you daily........and for everyone else reading the blog!


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