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This Christmas........all is SNAPPY and BRIGHT at this tree! We can't believe how many ornaments..,

Wow.........this turned out like a Hallmark movie! Chloe and Miss Denise worked diligently on this one. I think I added 1.32% to the effort. We haven't had the chapel tree this decorated, ever, since either it doesn't go up at all, or is specifically bare for a bride's theme, or is specifically covered in the ornaments that a bride is going to give away for her guest's gifts....... This year, we threw every chapel ornament on it we had and it turned out really fun. With 3 Christmas parties in the chapel in the next 10 days, it's so nice to be able to show it off, and we're amazed that we've accumulated this many ornaments in just 11 years of existence. I'm thinking we haven't bought a single one. Virtually every ornament on this tree is a gift from someone, a rememberance ornament from a bride and groom, a bell from their wedding, etc. Such fun, and Chloe and Denise did such a professional job in installing this beauty in the corner.

Everything is in place for the wonderful Christmas party #1, 2021, for the Temple Rotary South group this weekend. We've had such a fun time working with R&T getting this all worked out, and I know their guests will be pleased. After the party is over.............we flip the room in preparation for the St. Stephens K of C Christmas event in just a few short days afterward! That's the fun of it, and it's always so nice to be able to give back to worthy groups in reflection for all the benefits we receive every day from God.

Anyway..........hope you're weekend is going great, and that you and Brenda Lee are already rockin' around the Christmas tree! Blessings to you, and thanks for checking in!


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