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Sometimes a Caliber Oak bride just needs a little alone time with her Cap to sort out life! I'm in!


Saturday was all about liquids. Lake water, chardonnay, slushies, and Patron Silver margaritas! ....and in just about that order, kind of. Jolene didn't have a John, since he was working, and Mrs. Boss was in Kerrville. We still boated and had an amazing time. EVEN got to have another bride and groom join us on the boat, so the whole day was chapel related, yet again! Magical. Thank you, God!

Today's dose of magic was made possible by central air conditioning, Kerri, Maci and Mason! Got to meet our newest groom head on (Sig Sauer 9mm..proud of him) and we planned every last detail of her fall, velvet pumpkin, vintage china, tremendous wedding officiant day! I'm honored to be joining these two in matrimony and cannot wait for the big day. They're both delightful and it's . a . gonna . be . fun!

Otherwise, everything is drying up here like crazy. As if 100 degree plus temps weren't enough, we've got significant winds. yikes. We'll just keep at it, and pretend we're doing a remake of "Grapes of Wrath"?

It's so fun to be able to share our experience, dedication and excellence with our brides and grooms, since without us, sometimes, they're left to their own devices to figure this out. Lunch for 175 people..not a problem... We're fearless in fashion and hospitality, and I've got yet another reason to wear a frock coat this fall. ...."Dearly beloved, we are gathered here......."

Anyhoo, I need to run. Picnic plans to make and also try to get some thing done around here before another day passes so quickly into oblivion! Blessings to each and every Caliber Oak couple, you're all in our daily prayers, and get out there and make some fun! Later, y'all!


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