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Some of the stars of the chapel are a bit younger than the marrying age! Ollie is a little shy of being a grown-up, but still got to ride in Chapel Cadillac style for his kindergarten graduation!

Last week was Salado ISD Kindergarten graduation, and they did a pretty neat thing for the celebration. Instead of a 'graduation' ceremony, the kiddos were honored in a parade. Ollie got to ride in Miss Alice for his big day. We wanted to do the blue Eldorado convertible, but she's still got to visit GW and Brooke before that can happen. Things ended up just fine in the Fleetwood, since Greg said they actually got rained on during the trip back to Caliber Oak. Since the Eldorado's convertible top is 'iffy' on most days, it could have a wet ride home! Many of our brides and grooms have left the chapel in this wonderful car, and we're appreciative to have it. We looked at a '74 Sedan De Ville this weekend, and decided we'd rather have another convertible than another sedan. We'll see what the Lord brings to our brides and grooms to make their day extra special.

The anniversary party for Laura and Dan yesterday was absolutely perfect! Laura figured out there was a party, but the whole thing went off so smoothly and well. Beautiful flowers, great food and wonderful folks. Laura and Dan have been involved in so many of our chapel events that it was great to be honored with their 30th anniversary celebration. Seeing the tremendous '37 Buick that was part of the fun was tremendous as well!

Blessings to one and all on this Memorial Day, and please pray for our fallen heroes. Enjoy the weekend in their honor and try the pasta salad! Yummy! :)


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