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Some grooms are just classier than others! Lol! Otto and I enjoy doing our 'monocle moments' during a key event each year! We know that we look classy, smart and vintage retro cool! Your welcome!

After looking up close at this photo, I can see where a few people said the old cap looked the "Monopoly Man" on the game box! We've done this 2-3 years already, and it's our only monocle day of the year. We enjoy being 'shocked' by verbal statements so that our lenses pop out of our eyes in suprise multiple times a night. I had a hell of a time getting mine to stay in my eye socket area this year, and I don't know if it was wrinkles, old age, or what. Hopefully, I'll have a better purchase on the lens frame this year! Every groom is different, and we get to enjoy fun and special moments forever once you're married here! We're so thankful for the Sarah & Otto combo! Getting to see them tomorrow, too!

Otherwise, grass is growing at the chapel, and Mrs. Boss and I had a great pair of massages by Beth this morning in the great room. We hooked up the JBL4 to the spa/massage music lead channel, and it was amazing. Cellos, guitars, reed flutes.....the music really took us away.

After having the music taking us away, I re-entered the earth's atmosphere and made it to the grocery store for an event at the chapel tomorrow evening. All is wonderful and a chicken is roasted!

Got to plan a wonderful baby shower with one of our favorite client/friends on Friday! Wooohooo! Love the theme, the family and all about bambinos....(at someone else's house!...hehehe).

Have a wonderful weekend. Roast a chicken, take a cruize with beloved folks, and join us for THE CHOSEN @ bible study on Sunday @ 5p! Just let us know when you're coming! Blessings on ya!


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