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Pretty good shot of the Christmas tree installation team in action on the prettiest tree we've had!

Ok, to be honest, it's a little blurry, but sometimes the cookie crumbles that way! Chloe and Denise have made the prettiest tree the chapel has ever seen, and so many folks have been able to enjoy it this year! Last night the local K of C group had a lovely time dining in the glow of the lights and this month is definitely the busiest Christmas party month we've ever had. Such fun. I even got to wash dishes and glasses last night so that I kept my skills from getting rusty!

Already setting up for our next event, as we return to the 'grinch' green and red tablescapes that we really adore this time of year. So festive and definitely something directly out of Whoville! We've got a little more time for turnaround before the last party of the season, but Emma Grace is headed out today to finish up on all the glassware from last night, and I'm going to work on the old table linen switcheroo! It's been so fun hosting these parties as our special way of giving back. I wouldn't mind being off the allergy medicine that makes me feel like a deaf zombie, but at least I'm still here washing glasses! :)

Progress made on the floor refinishing project yesterday, and that'll be done before we know it. We've got another wonderful bride and groom coming to visit very soon, and are looking forward to that as well.

Time to get a haircut and then head to the chapel for spraying, bagging, and prepping for yet another magical Christmas gathering! Merry Christmas, y'all!


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