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Our regular cake lady is the best in the business! We'd have to say that 70-80% of our wedding cakes come from her gourmand kitchen! This one was for the book club meeting in between weddings...

Cake is fun. We never fully realized this concept until we started having wonderful weddings at the chapel. Neither one of us were major dessert eaters (me much more than Mrs. Boss, however) but since LTEC has entered our lives, we've probably never had more cake! The frosting, the layers, the fillings, and the love that goes into her confections makes all the difference. All of our brides and grooms love working with her, and she flatters us by taking our brides and grooms pretty much sight-unseen, since they've made the 'hurdle' to become a Caliber Oak couple! This cake was amazing frosting with layered cake, and the cake was cinnamon flavored, which I don't think I've had much of if I've had it before... I'm a fruity desert kind of guy, so we discussed that the next personal cake we get that is for a special event will be gelee involved....Everything she makes is GREAT!

Miss Emmy Lou has found a new abode, and it worked out great. With more approaching hail last evening, we tucked the Lincoln in the car barn and put Miss Emmy Lou in the horse stall (since we can't remember the combination of the limo barn padlock!). After we drove to town to look at a '74 Sedan deVille for sale we saw immediately how cute she looks showing her cute, little 73-year old smiling face from under the shade. A nice vintage look addition for photos, fun and feel right here on the place.

Have a wonderful weekend chapel lovers, and we hope to see you soon. Looking forward to this weekend's activities and events! Blessings on you like a good spare-rib rub! :)


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