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One of my favorite childhood flowers. Sadly, it doesn't work in the Texas heat, but nice photo, eh?

5th Grade. A key time in the development of a youth. My teacher turned us on to all the wildflowers in the area, and I immediately fell in love with the relatively rare trillium. Flash forward a few decades, and what do I discover today? A beautiful photo of a trillium at a chapel in England with raindrops on it! It's supposed to rain here today at our chapel, and I was thinking how neat it would be for a creative bridal team to make some trillium flower blossoms for a wedding day. Wouldn't a silk/paper petal mockup of this beauty, in abundance, make for a magical touch in a bridal bouquet, table decor, or strewn along the mantle in the chapel greatroom? Pretty darn cool and creative, I think!

Hope everyone's weekend is progressing nicely. We have a lazy chapel weekend, which is always fine! Had a great visit with Renee and company yesterday and did a couple of table decoration mockups. The wedding is going to be magic.

Have a wonderful day and think trillium! Trillium = Trinity. Get it? :)


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