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Now THAT is an amazing shot of the chapel Christmas fir! It reminds me of the Polar Express tree!

Some people just know their way around a camera, and award-winning photographer Stacy Rugh is one of those people. I don't envy her getting on the floor and having to crawl about to get this shot, but it sure is stunning. Absolutely candy-coated and glowing with holiday cheer. I guess this would be the passed-out party guest's view of the tree when they awoke? lol! It really makes the whole structure very grand and totally awesome. Chloe and Denise did a great job of decorating, and it's certainly the BEST Christmas tree we've ever had on display. I'm so thankful that 47 ladies from SSWS will be here tonight to enjoy the view!

Speaking of SSWS, we're all set for the event. So looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends as well. It truly has been such a joy to be able to share the chapel with so many this Christmas/Advent season, as each year is different. It's hard to believe that we had 2 weddings last December and that these parties probably wouldn't have been possible. That's just how God works!

Chloe and I got some serious table linen organization done yesterday, which cleared space and made things easier to find. Thank goodness for closets, helpers, hangers and clothespins! :) Have a wonderful day, enjoy every moment of this magical time of the year, invest in hot-chocolate futures and smile every chance you get! Blessings on you! Come visit!


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