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Is it Elsa's new winter condo in Seagrove Beach, or are we having another Christmas party?

Well, Elsa kind of did stop by in the last 24 hours, but she was expected, so we just said 'hey', and hurried her on her way. Supposed to be 80 by midweek, so yer not really needed here yet, hon. :)

The tower 'o water glasses is a feature we use quite often at the chapel to save space and provide plenty of clean glassware for our special guests. I love how the light plays between the walls of the glasses and creates kind of an artwork!

So very excited about tomorrow's event, and so appreciative of Chloe coming to help today. Emma was a smash hit in making the setup possible this weekend, so we've obviously been well cared for, as will our guests tomorrow.

Excited about bible study tonight and we know we'll be well fed in The Word AND in the belly. This group really knows how to cook and is totally unafraid of any dish.

We were able to save tender vegetation from Elsa's wrath last night, but I did see her trademark frosted windowpanes on the truck! I just don't want her to get to comfortable here this winter. She kind of overstayed her welcome last year, if you get my 'drift'. (see what I just did there?)

Anyway, hope everyone is having a wonderful, crystal-clear day of focus, fun and faith. Come see us at bible study if you'd like to give it a try, or otherwise.........just come see us! Blessings at ya!


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