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Don't you just love it when local purveyors of magic promote each other?!:

Recently, I again had the distinct enjoyment of having a pedicure at the tremendous Kutula Salon in Belton. What a treat to see our chapel brochures so prominently displayed! You go, Kutula! Thank you so much. I then realized that both the chapel and Kutula are really in the magic business. We take regular, ordinary, wonderful people and make them glow with beauty. They do theirs with expert hair and nail care, and we do ours with a wonderful wedding experience, but it's all magic, just the same! Give Kutula a try the next chance you won't be sorry. Sure beats the 'factory' feel of nail salons in the area! Oh, and be sure to swoon over the chapel brochures at the reception desk! :) who left the heat lamp on? Wholey Mwholey, it's freakin' hot out there these days! Trying to stay cool and hydrated....sometimes succeeding! Sometimes, the tequila takes's a balancing act! :) Anyway........we had a lovely dinner at Joelle's last night, and are looking forward to a tremendous dinner with special guests here tonight! I've got to head to the store to get some ingredients for tomato sauce, but otherwise seem to have this pretty much under control. ==========================================Dressing cool, staying inside, automatic watering. These are the days we thank God and Mr. Carrier (in that order) for the miracle of refrigerated air! Praise Him! So far the flowers/garden aren't fried yet, but we're ready for a breather from this............the water bill should be a fun trip down a haunted lane this month! Yikes!===============

Letting go of bad habits, people who are not right for you, and situations that are not the healthiest are very important to our overall happiness and goal achievement. It's a tall order sometimes, but maybe ask God today how you could be even more productive, cleansed, and clearer on your path to helping create His kingdom here on earth. I bet you'll get a cool answer! Blessings, y'all!

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