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Wow! Our very first "marketplace" blog posting!

So............there we were at Barrow Brewing (with all the cool kids) after yoga, and our good friend D. A., says........hey, I know of a wedding dress for sale that's brand new and an excellent price. We're like........send us a pic, and here it is. One bride is already considering it, but we thought we'd throw it out here. Apparently, this never-worn number is a size 10 that fits more like an 8, and can be had for excellent $$$. Let us know if you're interested, and we'll put you in touch with our couture contact! :) What fun life is when everything's all about weddings, dressing up and fun!

A tremendous visit and wonderful booking with A&N this weekend! Can't wait for their big day to roll around, and so very thankful they selected us for their celebration. As with so many wonderful CaliberOak brides and grooms, they didn't really look anywhere else, and knew that the level of 'service' here is parallel to none. We're so proud of the job we do and that we're so different than other places.... yeah, team! Congrats, A&N! ==================Tremendous Steglich dinner friday night with boeuf wellington (trailer park style with crescent roll dough) enough cabernet franc to float a boat and the obligatory champagne entry! We're kind of fired up, since it looks like we may be doing a private, crewed catamaran trip next summer off St. stay tuned for developments in THAT arena! ===========================Continues to be tremendously hot here at Caliber Oak, but it's all good. PTLort that the a/c is still working at the main house. We're thinking the unit is on it's 25th summer? Lettuce pray! ==========================Bosswoman has been doing the majority of the watering and everything looks amazing, considering we live on the surface of the sun. Thankfully, the temps like these should be a distant memory in 30 days..........we hope! :) =======================================Sometimes, letting go of something is the most faith-filled thing you can do! Give it a something you're hanging on to not in your best interested. Let go of the handlebars on it, and see what happens! Blessings to you for a tremendous Sunday!

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