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Sometimes, simple elegance is the most beautiful.

Tara Barnes took this delightful photo of one of our "Belinda's Dream" roses at the chapel on the day of Mary and Patrick's magical wedding. Such simplicity, complexity and beauty wrapped up in one fragrant flower. Amazing. God's handiwork is all over the place this summer in abundance due to the tremendous gift of lots of rain. Wanted to share this picture with you in hopes that it would brighten your day!

==============================================We've been talking lately that there are folks who don't realize that the chapel is a reception venue as well, so we've made the decision to pretty much call the place "Caliber Oak" in advertising from this point forward, with a 'weddings + receptions' tag line as well. Even though we're just about the prettiest chapel around, we're thinking there are folks who are web surfing through venues, see the chapel, and don't realize that the par-tay can also happen after the vows at the same location. We so appreciate everyone who talks us up so willingly and positively! Many thanks!

===============================================================A calmer day at the chapel today, after the tremendous evening with the Motley Book Club. Fun and frivolity ensued, and we managed to pick our next book and meeting day, so that's great! Getting ready for H&C's great adventure later this week, and so enjoyed getting to see them and a zillion gallons of ice cream yesterday! Lots of yummy left overs from last night's book club eats are being enjoyed all over the place today for sure. ==================Headed to the big Beltontown pretty soon to get my feets worked on, drop off/pick up library books/post office, etc. The usual amazing tasks of real life. Clemente is here today making everything beautiful for H&C's day. All is so lush and green, but grows VERY fast! =================================================Being available to others is truly a gift. Sometimes, we take it for granted when we include many and all in an activity, and should actually be very thankful we have that gift. Each of us genuinely wants to belong, and each of us can help another to feel that way! Is there anyone in your world that needs to know they're welcome and included in your life's activities? Give them a shout and have a great day!

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