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Our shiny new advertisement in The Book of Beautiful Weddings!

Well, if this doesn't bring brides and grooms running to set up their big day of their dreams, we don't know what will! :) Anyway, we think the photo is amazing. A little green tinty here, but you get the drift. Great shot for a great place. We think it does really reflect who we are here, and Miss EmmyLou Chevrolet certainly does look awwwwfully nice in this photo. (thanks photoshop!) We'll hope that it attracts a lot of potential couples and that they'll know we are here and way-retro cool!

A slow day at the chapel with little on the schedule except for McKenzie's Soundbath session this evening. Rained like the dickens yesterday (never complaining about that) but the lightening was tremendous! All is well, and we haven't seen the bottom of the driveway to know if we should be concerned yet! Tell tale signs of washaway up here aren't bad at all, so maybe we did ok. The flowers are now going to go officially mental with so much moisture and sunshine on tap with warm temps. Wow! === The book club book is tremendous and certainly inspired me to pull together a batch of red beans and rice yesterday that were tremendous. When do I eat the same leftover twice in a row after the initial meal? Last night and today! Yum with the yum. === Got to see Sarah twice this weekend, and we're so excited for our 'Casino at the Lake' event....the roulette wheel from Amazon is so fun, and I even already lost $80 to myself, so I guess it's just as accurate as the ones in Las Vegas and Deadwood! :-) === Headed to the library today and the 'sto' as we say in "Driving Miss Daisy Land". Really want to get Miss Marian Arnaz ('71 Cadillac convertible) out on the road, but if it's too many stops, she gets fussy. She's due for a bit of a road trip when we know it's not going to rain!

I saw a graphic from Chrisina Velez that indicated that the closer a couple is to God, the closer all 3 are. So very true. If God is a key part of your marital're just so much more able to handle His directional changes and blessings. Invite him into the family today in a larger'll be glad you did. Blessings to all for a TREEmendous week!

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