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Vintage, and perfect for the white and cream theme!

What are the perfect cuff links to wear to the magazine launch garden party for The Book of Beautiful Weddings? These retro beauties right here. The party's theme was white/cream, and these mother of pearl-esque babies were just right. Diggin' the mid-30's to early 50's design, and would love to know the life these two lived before being shipped to Salado! Love my cuff link collection....thank you, John and Marcy!

A beautiful day in Caliber Oak paradise today. Had a good Chapel Yoga night last night, and are looking forward to our next event! The books for the book club are here, and being grabbed up, and today is also the day for spring/summer cleaning of our bedroom. (Ye Gods, I'm a slob!) === Looking forward to a special supper soon with a special person, and having fun just living life! Getting warmer out there, and the seedlings are officially 'plants'. Can't wait for more flowers! Our acorn squash even looks monster sized!

He's always there in the quiet moments, the unsure ones, and during the opportunities to help and comfort. Isn't it just the bomb? Have a special and generous day today! Blessings on ya!

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