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Love doesn't get more enduring and classic than this.....

It takes a pretty special bride and groom for ol' Cap to take his eyes off of this tremendous 1957 Chevrolet for very long, but they pulled it off! Congratulations to Mary and Patrick for having such a tremendous wedding day at our beloved chapel. You just never know when your heart will be touched, and when Mary came to sing with the Bella Sona Choir from Holy Trinity Catholic High School to raise money (charity is always at the heart of His love!) as a wee little lass...she fell in love with the place. Patrick has been the love of her life for a very long time, and this location, feel and blessing was definitely meant to be. Working with great and supportive parents, the Linz/Speights wedding went off without a hitch, and everything was beyond lovely. The McFarland Trio provided tremendous live music, TCP catering kept us all well fed, and the Caliber Oak Staff (as usual) was beyond 5-star in their approach and execution to make a memory for a lifetime. Our only hitch was a pack of (uninvited, I might add!) chigger cherubs who had their way with a few of our bridal party. Poor Dr. Linz has even another memory from this magical day that WE don't have. God bless you, sir! All in all, virtual perfection on every level, as usual. The bride's gown was an excellent confection of very high quality, and Precious Memories (thank you, Seleese, Norman and Trace!) pushed the chapel over the top in beauty and grace. When you have TWO delivery vans arrive from Precious Memories, and Seleese is on site for the install, you KNOW you have a special quality wedding on your hands! The bride and groom's photo op vehicle and getaway car is owned by the parents of the incredible groomsman for the weekend, the incomparable Clayton Capps! Mr. and Mrs. Capps graciously allowed the new Mr. and Mrs. Linz to depart in this priceless classic, and it really added to the vintage feel of the day. So much happiness, so much love, and so much bacon! Couldn't have been better!

Today is a very special day at the chapel, since we have a new Canadian bride coming to plan her largest of days. H&C should be here within the hour, and we can't wait. A quick throw on this one....and it could be our first 4th of July wedding EVER! Stay tuned for more developments on this American/Canadian joint venture that has "Tariffs of Love" included in the price! (see what I just did there?) === Otherwise, we're dealing with a bit of soggy bottoms from a downpour this morning........which is never a problem to us, since it makes 100 degree August afternoons much prettier! === Having a nice supper tonight is a goal for today! === Book club this week was as usual and we're so excited about our new book selection, and that the group may be as large as 10 guests next month. Who knew we knew so many literate friends?!?!?! :)

Wow. Charity, love, kindness, listening and empathy go a very long way. Thank you, Living God, for everything you provide us for ourselves and to make it possible for so many to have such happiness in this beautiful white building you have provided. We are eternally grateful! Have a blessed day, y'all!

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