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A special return to the chapel!

We love the fact that Ginger and Clint came back to see us AND stay over night this weekend! Such a special couple and such great memories of a wonderful wedding weekend a while back. We forget how different this place is... I'm thinking there are not many places where you book your wedding and friendships bloom to the point of returns again and again.... But that's one of the biggest blessings we receive here. Our very special-est couples returning to the place that it all began for them. We're so thankful to have been such an important part of the start of their lives and so thrilled that they want to come back! Blessings to Ginger and Clint (That's Lt. Colonel, sir!) on their budding family, wonderful life and travels on the road that they experience together! We got to be part of that!!! Woohoo!

Cleaning up today after a tremendous wedding this weekend. Ana and Rory certainly tied the knot in fine style... the party went longer, the music was better, the sangria was amazing, and everyone had a tremendous time. Possibly one of the best weddings in the last year, but who can compare them? Each one is special, different, blessed and always........FUN! Many thanks to the musical sounds of Vance from Toast Entertainment! (apparently Tay-Tay is getting the Vancification Process applied to her wedding as well....she's so blessed!) Sticky Bones BBQ was ahmazing, and Dr. Z was tremendous as the professional pourer! Rousing great time with a wonderful group of guests and bride and groom! Many blessings to Ana & Rory as they start this journey together! (Their officiant was pretty studly, too, btw! :)) .....getting the floors cleaned up, and generally righting the ship for this week's yoga class on Wednesday night. Don't forget to tell Tiffany you're coming. We're looking forward to it! ....otherwise, after the temps come back up (supposed to be 80 degrees later this week, PTL!) we'll be stealing this weekend's wedding idea and using the old wheelbarrow directly in front of the chapel with some lovely zinnias and marigolds that Mrs. Boss brought back from WallyWorld this morning. Should be lovely.

He loves us as servants. If we aren't able to approach situations with a servant's heart, I think He finds curiosity in that...since He demonstrates it most Highly Himself! What a wonderful feeling it is to truly serve others, make their day, and provide for them. Nothing else like it. Serve on, y'all! Blessings for a great week!

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