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They're baaaaack. And aren't we glad!

Sometimes, when you're living a blessed and magic life, you take for granted the beauty that's around you. Not with these smell-gooders around! The entire pasture is steeped in the sweet lupine smell of the bluebonnets, and it's such a tangible reminder that spring is here. Frequently, since we live on-site, we forget the little things that make our place different than so many others. In this case, I'd have to say privacy. We've been to weddings where the venue is 'right on the road' and something is lost when strangers are driving by, 'honking' their congratulations to the happy couple and guests. The seclusion we enjoy really sets us apart, and frankly, we do forget how special that is! Love our piece of wedding chapel heaven!

Pretty laid back day today...prepping for Ana & Rory's great adventure, and getting tasks done little by little. Supposed to be tremendous weather today, so we're thankful for that. ....folded down the new pop-up camper last evening and it actually fits in the 'car barn' with about 6" to spare on either side. Kind of like a game of "Operation", but it went off without a hitch. (get it, trailer hitch....I slay me!) We wouldn't want to be moving it in and out of that garage every day, but it protects the rig so that it's ready to go in fine fiddle for the next rolling overnight adventure. .....Seeds need to still be planted for flowers, and as with almost every year, we're a little behind schedule in that department! No matter, it'll all get done.

Even when we're unsure, He is sure. When things go a certain way, and you I lost here? Is this the right choice? How will this turn out?.... fear not. He's got this. It's all under control, and when we can let go of our worries, concerns and insecurities about an issue, we can truly move forward in his Grace. Have a grace-filled day today, y'all! It's the only way to fly! Blessings on ya!

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