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And what kind of hippy-freaky grandpa bizarro selfie do we have going on here?

A photo like this doesn't exactly instill confidence from a bride and groom about Cap handling their wedding, but be not afraid. He doesn't wear flip flops to your big day...just so we're clear on that! This picture shows how immensely clean the Fleetwood is after James does his magic, and I thought the Cadillac Fleetwood logo would be a cool pic. THEN I saw my crazy flip flops and weird angle in the photo. Delete it, NO! This shows that we're a lot of fun behind the scenes at Caliber Oak. The Ol'Cap just needs to take a course in Selfie 101. Oh well, just like Crazy Old Maurice from "Beauty and The Beast"....'He's always good for a laugh....' :)

A wonderful day at the chapel, although quiet and restful. It's getting so green outside in preparation for spring that if you listen very carefully, you can actually hear the leaves growing. Wait....that sounds too much like what the flip flop guy in the photo would really do on a day like today, so scratch that. :) Just thankful to be out here in God's pasture today, and enjoyed every minute of it. YOGA is headed back to the chapel tomorrow night, and if you haven't gotten hold of Tiffany, please do (let me know if you need her info) because we want you to join us while we connect with some really nice vibrations out here! (flip flop guy, again) ...otherwise, thinking ahead towards Ana and Rory's big day and we can't wait. Life is good.

Ena the chihuahua is part 'heeler', and she likes to guide small children and unsuspecting adults in the direction she wants them to go. It's in her nature. Our loving God is the same way (sorry for the lowly comparison, Boss!) because he does what Ena does....gently guides us toward a direction we should be headed. If we don't fight it, the result is amazing. Let the flow go today, dear reader. Listen to His voice and see where HE wants you to head. You'll never look back in regret! Blessings on ya!

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