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This photo captures the joy in what we do!

When the bride and groom insisted on taking a photo with the team that helped make their wedding day a smash success, I actually thought....really? How neat is that. Well, I would never have imagined how tremendous this photograph would have turned out. Everyone looks so very satisfied and happy. I was heart-warmed the moment I pulled this photo up on my phone at Barrow Brewing last night, and couldn't wait to get it posted. It says it all for me... An outstanding bride and groom who were so very appreciative of everything we did for them. A team assembled who far outshine anything in the wedding business and who are dedicated to our success. Everyone wins, and isn't it the perfect way to start a married life together? Wow. Can't stop looking at the smiles in this shot, and it's one of my absolute favorites for a long time...I can feel it. The only thing that I thought was odd is that Pard (Don) and I are the same height. You don't really get that from this photo, but maybe I was standing on the first step down? Many thanks to Brandie, John, and Don for making General & Mrs. Gibbs' day absolute spun perfection!

Well, no wedding at the chapel this weekend, but we're not complaining. As most of our dear readers know....when we have a wedding that we make virtually perfect, we say YEAYYYY! When we have a weekend off to do chores, bum around or do nothing, we say YEAYYY! That's what keeps it fun, and we wouldn't want to be in this business for profit....that'd take the fun out of it! I hope that doesn't make us socialists......does it? Nah. ...Today has been mandated in Caliber Oak Land as GARDENING DAY 2019... today's the day that the plan is that we get all the plants out of the greenhouse, plant some seeds, freshen the look, repot some friends, and put some rooted cuttings in the ground. As with everything else in our life, we'll get done what we get done and be thankful for that! :) .....still rocking the Lenten raw food train, and it's working fine. Special birthday celebration tomorrow morning, and Ana & Rory are coming to visit tonight! Woohooo! ....Fresh paint on the front porch of the chapel yesterday, and a wonderful photo shoot with the Book of Beautiful Weddings for their Spring 2019 issue. Can't wait.

He connects with us through so many outlets. The bible, our prayers, symbolism, signs, and voice. We cannot imagine going through a single day, hour or minute without His grace. Hope your day is amazing, productive, and hope FILLED! Blessings to you our dear reader chums!

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