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The very first Caliber Oak bluebonnet sighting of the season!

They're baaaaaack. Thank heavens. Our favorite Texas hallmark of spring. We're hearing that due to weather conditions since last spring, that we may have a bumper crop of these lovelies this spring. Bring. It. On. Nothing livens up the Chapel scene like bluebonnets. When there's a large group of them blooming in the chapel environ, the beautiful fragrance is almost intoxicating. Well, as intoxicating as things can get during Lent, anyway! What a blessing that we are to enjoy another promise of springtime. Love the leaves of this plant almost as much as the blooms!

All is magic in Chapel-land. Raining outside right now, which those bluebonnets, poppies, roses, zinnias, etc., will probably very much enjoy. We have been so blessed over the past 12-24 months with solid and regular rains that make me say....if this is climate change, I'll take 2, please! :) ...a certain gun guy is headed out today to send some lead downrange after the rain stops, and there's an exciting event planned for this evening. ....yesterday evening, we had to miss dominoes at Barrow Brewing, since we needed to get our Lenten walk in for the day, but we hope to go again soon! ...Lenten observation is going well, and the raw food thing is working so far. El Capitain Grande is down 4 lbs for the first week of Lent....although that wasn't the goal, it's not a complaint! ....skeet shoot on Sunday was possibly the best ever, despite several misses by the host and company. We're seeing a real separation in the 'haves' and 'have nots' out there during these events. Our finalists are shooting 100% sets, and some of us (ahem) are having timing and wardrobe malfunction issues! :) Anyway... Our official C.O.S.C. t-shirts are going to be coaxed into reality. The Caliber Oak Skeet Club really needs their own design and identity, and it's rolling around in Cap's feverish brain right now. Fortunately, Julie Hobbs has put us in touch with an excellent source in G-Town, so we're practically wearing them right now! ....speaking of attire.... Don't forget to check out Adore Boutique on Instagram for all your spring fashion/gift giving/inspirational needs. And eye for fash-shion, that girl has, yes.

Isn't the blessing of each and every day an amazing gift? Moments to spend alone, moments to share, moments to pray and moments to dream. Thank you, God for making our lives possible, happy and meaningful! Blessings to you this morning, our Dear Reader Chums (as Miranda Hart would say) and have a wonderfully blessed rest of your life!

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