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Maybe EmmyLou's name should be changed to "Bubbles"?

With a nod to the great Beverly Sills, EmmyLou is rocking the balloon 'bubbles' on her way to set up for the very first chapel open house. She looks great, and with a few more balloons, you'd just about not be able to see her. Her 'balloon wrangler' is there in the photo. Talk about getting your money's worth..... The cream balloons survived new year's eve, then made an appearance in a balloon drape for Wedding Homecoming, and THEN were used at the front gate for the welcome sign for the open house. Latex rules! Balloons are certainly going to be a continuing theme for us, since our new compressor makes it fun and decorative for so many occasions. Next stop in balloon land should be Easter Sunday with another pastel display!

James is working diligently to make EmmyLou's wedding debut a shiny one! She's washed, polished, swept, checked and ready. She makes her way this afternoon to another venue for Sherry's big wedding day photo op! We're praying that she makes it there and back, and Mrs. Boss has no doubts she will do well. How fun that she has her very first wedding today! Stay tuned, and if you see us on the side of the check in, won't you? ...otherwise, going over stock strategies with Tim today, and tomorrow is a meeting with K&B to go over their wedding vows. Looking forward to that. Otherwise, a fairly low-key weekend at the chapel, with absolutely no complaints from us!

He's in and around us all day, every day. Prayer without ceasing seems to be the way to go, and we hope everyone has a wonderful and restful weekend!

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