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So what is up with Cap pushing the tropical-themed weddings?

Well, it could be that danged Pantone color.of.the.year this year that's got us excited, or that a tropical thing is just edgy/cool/unique enough, OR that it just sounds like fun?!?! Well, we all know the Cap is in the Fun business, so take it and run with it. Just seems like a warm, wonderful and colorful way to set off your biggest of days. Special thanks to the Island of Aruba for the inspiration! :)

A little on the chilean side here at the chapel with the temp at about 40 degrees. Beats the blazes out of the -14 I hear ORD is having for their high today. Yikes! Had some nice gunfire here yesterday with a cool groom and SSD, and even got a massage for both of us. Life is good. Getting set up for Sunday's fundraiser concert (holler a Denise if you're coming) which might be a great, cultural alternative to the Super Bowl :) . Saturday, carburetor willing, Miss EmmyLou has her very first wedding off-site for a photo op and she's excited. If the weather's warm, she'll run fine. Regardless, she needs a bath, vaccuum and a little polish that won't hurt her at all. We're hoping to make Sherry's wedding even more special. Just have to get there, first! :) We couldn't be more excited with the multiple weddings we've booked recently. Brittany, Renee, and several other brides are going to shine at the chapel on their largest of days! Cannot wait! ... stay tuned!

He's in charge. It's that simple. Whine, cry, smile or doesn't change the face that we need to Relax and let His work happen in and through us. Here's to a tremendous rest of the week, less coldness and down comforters!

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