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The night the brides and grooms REALLY came to life!

Few of our regular blog readers are unaware of just how wonderful we find Wedding Homecoming to be each year. Having our beloved brides and grooms return to the 'scene of the crime' is too delicious to describe, and probably my favorite day of the year. This year's event was no exception, and in fact, was probably the very best we've ever had. Rather than do the staid, predictable, delicious dinner, we mixed it up and did the party 'cocktail setup wedding reception style'. The rest was history. Dancing, sipping, laughing, teasing, meeting, greeting, and genuine tears of joy at the memories each song brought back from some of the most wonderful nights of our lives. The honor and blessing He as provided us to be THE place where couples put their trust for their l.a.r.g.e.s.t of days is truly felt and incomparable. Wow. It's just the place we're supposed to be, doing that thing we dooooo. Thanks to our couples for coming, Vance at Toast Entertainment for never failing to amaze, and The Pizza Place in Salado, who really know how to make a pie! We missed so many couples this year due to travel, illness, work, etc., but there's always next year! If we don't have your current address for mailing, please let us know....we got back several invitations this year and had no way to contact through FB. Looking forward to next year's shindig, and Mrs. Boss should have the date lined up here pretty darned soon...

Chilly chapelish day today, and won't be down there too much. We are delighted and again, honored, to have booked two wonderful weddings in 4 days, which is always a thrill for us. I need to get the booking sheets done, and R&B are scheduled to come back today to pick out their 'stuff', and life truly is good here at Super 8. ...Preparing for our very first 'open house' on Sunday and really don't know what to expect. Most venues (nobody does it like we do, however!) schedule furniture and display arrangements with vendors, pretend wedding setups, etc. We're quite different than you well know dear reader....and are doing it simple, elegant, rustic, and charming. This open house will feature refreshments, the charming and attractive owners, one friend who does photography here, and a chance to just see the place in all its natural glory. ....pretty much empty. Each wedding is completely different, and we pride ourselves in custom-crafting the setup for each of our lovelies. This way, we can see the bare bones of how the week of the wedding will start and what options are available at multiple price points along the way. Will it succeed? Who knows? We do know one thing. We'll be here from 1p to 5p on Sunday, glass in hand, and will hopefully have some potential couples come and meet the most charming pair in the business! :)

Relax. God's in charge. I can't say it enough, it was Fr. Charlie's mantra, and it's brought me more peace and comfort in the new year than I can even express. Give it a shot. Say it aloud. Blessings to you for a wonderful day!

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