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Chapel weddings and Aruba Honeymoons!

There's a dream combination, if I've ever heard one! We all know that nobody takes care of your biggest of days like the Chapel at Caliber Oak....but after returning from a fun and sun filled week in Aruba...we can certainly suggest a perfect honeymoon spot. Great location, great climate, not tooooo $$$$, and genuinely friendly folks. We've even picked up some pointers on where to stay and visit on the island, and it's just a wonderful, laid back kinda place. Just right for our most excellent brides and grooms!

Sitting here at the computer for the first time to blog since we got back. Nice strong cuppa of Irish Breakfast tea, provided by Sheri, and enjoying getting back into the swing of things. Although, the swinging good times down there weren't bad, either. We're so excited about the 76 expected guests at Wedding Homecoming this weekend, and I've been prepping tables, linens, dishware for our 'walkabout' reception party with the song stylings of the fabulous Vance of Toast Entertainment. I can't think of another Wedding Homecoming that we've been more excited about, and I think the format is here to stay. Lots of visiting, fun, beverages, and yummy snacky foods! Several of our brides and grooms are making their very first WH visit, and we couldn't be more pleased. The green bathroom should be finished just in time, and everything will be in fine order. ... So looking forward to S&R's wonderful wedding coming up, and are so thankful for all the excellent inquiries for this year and next. The blessings continue to roll. Praise Him!

Speaking of praising Him... Loved finding Fr. Charlie's business card the other day. His mantra of "Relax, God is in charge" really resonated with me this week, and is part of my faith development for 2019 for sure! Such a good reminder from Luke that we're not in this alone, NOR in charge of it! Really has helped me, and already makes challenges easier to unfold! Praise Him, indeed! Have an excellent and RELAXED week! :)

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