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Not only is the label retro-fabulous, the contents are excellent!

If you're a bride and groom with a chapel wedding coming up, consider the bottle above. Our delightful hosts for yesterday's Christmas Day Dinner served it. It was truly excellent. Light, very French, young and drinkable. Dry, so I wouldn't buy a zillion bottles (although you could always let Cap help you with that..heheh)but it would be a great red wine alternative for your upcoming reception. Just throwing that out there. Apparently, it's very well priced in the $10 range, too. Let us know if you try it!

A cloudy day at the chapel, but still delightfully warm. Supposed to be 68 degrees today for our afternoon walk and spa session. We were able to take the convertible to Round Rock yesterday for Christmas with the top down! What a treat! It drizzled every so little on us on IH35 on the way down there, but then was fine. Rain is supposed to happen today, which we'll welcome as we always do! ... Eating a bit less today, as the holidays have taken their toll on the morning bathroom scale report. Already looking forward to the walk this afternoon after Mrs. Boss gets home! A little less cheesecake and a little more cottage cheese, I guess! :) ... Got so many beautiful Christmas gifts and we're very blessed. Also had a truly blessed Christmas Eve (music for church and socializing) and a tremendous Christmas Day by being included in the Casey Family Christmas in Round Rock. Cigars and bourbon poolside...Merry Christmas, indeed! ... We're going to slowly start getting ready for Wedding Homecoming, which is our next gig at the chapel, and we're so very excited! If you're a bride and groom who have already been married at the chapel and are reading this, don't forget.....this event is for YOU! Music by Toast Entertainment with the one and only Vance, and nice nibbles and refreshments! Cannot wait!

He has been not only the reason for the season, but also on-point as always for the holiday. We have felt His presence so strongly with worship services, music, special times and visits, and small miracles that are always even more wonderful right around his birthday. Thank you, Jesus! And happy birthday!

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