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The perfect wedding reception becomes "unsinkable" with the inclusion of this Titanic repr

Ok, so the original voyage of this particular pattern on the R.M.S. Titanic didn't work out as planned, but that doesn't mean your wedding reception will hit any rough water at the Chapel at Caliber Oak! Especially if you decide to include this teapot as well as maybe a few others in a tea service for your guests? In any case, the pot is delightful, and quite nice. We're anxious to use it. Stop by for tea sometime soon, but hold the ice. Can't wait to holler one of my favorite lines when Kate and Leo damage a fixture on the ship after the ice burg, and the steward protests by saying, "that's White Star property!"

We barely set foot inside the chapel today, as our intent was shopping and shopping. Mrs. Boss got her NYE dress, we trimmed up Cap's hair, and even got an ornament for Christmas Day's annual ornament exchange. All in all, a pretty productive trip to Templetown, with the added bonus of a Chick-fil-a cone since Cap was a good boy. Relaxing at home with a donation from one of our favorite grooms, Rory Barros' gift of sausage! It was wonderful for supper! Going to watch a little Miss Fisher on Netflix and need to think seriously about our annual viewing of "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Polar Express". We have a special dinner guest coming tomorrow night, so maybe we'll get one of those in tomorrow evening. Regardless, they must be watched before we sit down to Christmas Day dinner! Cinnamon rolls are still slowly getting consumed....deliciously....and El Capitain got his served this morning in bed. The service here on White Star Lines is truly excellent. Why leave the comfort of your down duvet in flannel when the staff is so willing to serve, non?

His birth celebration is almost here. You hear it 1000 times, but don't let the wrapping paper, tape, rushing and traffic mess it up for you. Quiet prayer and reflection on what His birth really means to each of us is the hallmark of the next few days. We're praying for you, and He's taking care of ALL of us! Blessings to you, dear reader!

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